Block Management

Block Management

Roger Dean have been involved in residential property and flat management for over 30 years so we have a wealth of experience dealing with tenancies and lettings

An expanding area of our business is the management of privately owned residential blocks of flats now known as “Block Management”. Since we took over management of our first block of flats back in the early 1980’s there have been many changes in the legislation for such residential properties and we pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the ever-changing statutory requirements.


Our service includes the collection of the service charge, chasing outstanding arrears, full administration and book-keeping service, arranging for all the services such as window cleaning, gardening, accountancy, buildings insurance etc and attending to all ongoing repairs.

We employ our own maintenance team who are able to undertake most day to day repairs. They are able to offer a quick response, often the same day. We also have a wide choice of contractors for the larger specialist jobs and these companies have been selected for their quality of work and the most economic charge rates.


Our current managed properties are in South Manchester, Stockport and Warrington and we are always looking for new properties to add to our portfolio. Our charges are competitive and we think we can offer a more personal service than the larger Companies.

Managing Agents

As an owner of an apartment with a management company, can you answer positively to the following questions:-

Is your managing agent local, able to be met on a face to face basis as and when necessary?
Does your managing agent respond to your enquiries and do they call back the same day?
Are all repairs and maintenance carried out quickly, efficiently and professionally?
Do you feel you are getting real value for money from your managing agent?
Does your managing agent review all the costs and charges every year, to obtain the best possible service and value for you?

If not – you need to speak to Roger Dean now.

Property Management Team

Please contact the property management department on 0161 437 0711